5 Variants Of Blackjack

All over the world , blackjack is very successful. However, each has its own version and we can no longer count the number of variants. Want to learn about other types of blackjack? It’s this way!

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Blackjack 6: 5

The blackjack 6: 5 begins to spread well and provides benefits for players finally at first sight. This is because only one 52-card deck is put in the shoe, which means that statistically, players have a better chance of winning. However, the payout rules are not the same and the ratio is 6: 5 which gives the casino a big advantage (1.4%). To compare, the classic version is 0.5% in favor of the establishment.

Blackjack Over / Under 13

The Over / Under 13 blakcjack is ideal for those who love betting. In addition to the course of the classic game, you have the option of betting on the value of your first two cards. Will the total be greater than 14? Less than 13? It’s up to you to bet online slot game and try to be visionary. If you win, so much the better. But if, unfortunately, the total is precisely 13, you lose. Concretely, you have a 1 in 2 chance, which can allow you to go far.

Blackjack Red / Black

The blackjack red / black is a fun version that offers to bet on the color of the first card of the dealer. You give roulette a quick wink and your chances of winning are pretty high. Bet on the color, then wait for the verdict. You have won ? You get your stake back. Otherwise, you lose. It’s as simple as that. This principle can be a consolation if you ever lose at the classic game.

Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack Switch is great fun, because you have two hands and the right to swap cards between the two games. Thanks to this little merry-go-round, you have a lot more chances of winning. But that’s without counting on the casino which, too, can have fun differently. Indeed, it can exceed the famous 21 points. And if you and the dealer got blackjack, your opponent would take the hand.

Royal Blackjack Match

Much in the style of the red / black variant, royal match blackjack is a bet on the suits of the cards. In this version, you bet on the suit of your own cards. Indeed, if your two cards are of the same suit, the gain is 3 times the bet. This can be up to 10 times the bet if there is a king and a queen of the same suit.

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